Biggest Little Ravens Fans in the World

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RENO, Nev. -- The big game is just around the corner and most of Northern Nevada is bleeding red and gold for the Niners, but there is a small group of fans here in the west that fly high with the Ravens.

It's not easy to be a Ravens fan in a Niners' country, but they are still representing in Reno. Paul turner, originally from Baltimore, MD, says he's a loyal fan.

"We actually like being the underdogs and it brought us together. We would find out through drips and drabs going to various games that oh there's ravens fans. Only in the last couple of weeks have we really started coming together with this group," Turner said.

Each fan has a Baltimore connection, but hasn't faced much more than some friendly banter and a little flack.

"We're in the minority and we love Colin Kaepernick, that's the tough part--is rooting against [him] because we saw him at Nevada and if the 49'ers were playing anyone else but the Ravens, we'd probably be rooting for them," Turner said. "We got be loyal."

You won't see any bicep kissing here, but you may recognize Ray Lewis's fancy footwork. It's the linebacker's last year in the pros but Turner thinks it will give the team more motivation to snag the big win.

"He and the rest of the team are focused on the prize, on the [big game], and that's how he wants to go out and it's really been such a transformation to watch him through is career but also to be such a dominant player the way he has," he said. "I think he has a bright future ahead of him."

The Ravens are looking to reclaim the title after their win in 2000, but pundits aren't giving them much of a chance.

"They didn't give the Ravens a chance when they went against Minneapolis; they didn't give them a chance against Denver; they didn't give them a chance against New England and they're all watching," Turner said.

For all the Ravens fans out there who are still too shy to fly, you're not alone.

"Ravens fly high over the west. You have brothers in San Francisco, you have brothers and sisters in Los Angeles and now you have brothers and sister in the Truckee Meadows!"

If you want to join them catch the big game with them this weekend, click on the link to their Facebook group, below.