Affeldt Has Grown to Love Open-minded Bay Area

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - When Jeremy Affeldt came to the Bay Area as an opposing player, he wouldn't even leave his hotel room. He was admittedly homophobic.

When he joined the San Francisco Giants five years ago, he was determined to get rid of his negative feelings toward the gay population. The transformation took time and a change of heart, given what he calls his "sheltered" upbringing in Eastern Washington. Now, Affeldt is more than comfortable saying he was wrong to judge a community based solely on sexual orientation.

Affeldt reveals these stories in his recently released book, "To Stir a Movement:" Life, Justice, and Major League Baseball." In the book, he also acknowledges how he returned $500,000 to the Giants after a typo gave him an accidental bonus before the 2010 season.