EagleBank Bowl Extends Contracts with Conferences, Teams

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WASHINGTON (AP) - The EagleBank Bowl has extended its contracts
with the Atlantic Coast Conference, Conference USA, Navy and Army.

The bowl also has a new agreement with the Big 12.

Under the agreements announced Tuesday, the bowl will feature an ACC team each year from 2010-13. The opponent will be a Conference
USA team in 2010, Navy in 2011, Army in 2012 and a Big 12 team in 2013.

Should Navy or Army not be bowl-eligible in their respective years, a team from the Big 12 will be chosen in 2011 and a Conference USA team in 2012.

This year's EagleBank Bowl takes place Dec. 29 at RFK Stadium. It will feature Army - if Army is bowl-eligible - against an ACC team.