Jets' QB Sanchez Donates Hot Dogs to Soup Kitchen

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) -- Mark Sanchez is hot-doggin' it again.

This time, the New York Jets' rookie quarterback isn't sneaking a snack on the sideline, though.

Sanchez has bought 500 hot dogs and 500 hamburgers, along with buns and rolls, through A&P supermarket, and donated them to the Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown, N.J.

Sanchez was grilled Sunday after television cameras caught him trying to discreetly put mustard on a hot dog and eat it late in New York's 38-0 win at Oakland. He apologized after the game, saying he didn't feel well and needed to eat something. Sanchez added that "it won't happen again."

Coach Rex Ryan said he was "disappointed" with Sanchez, but said the quarterback didn't mean to be disrespectful -- although that's how it appeared to some.

"To me, I'm an old-school football guy and you're playing a great game of football. I know you're hungry, but leave that for the fans," Ryan said. "You can go to the locker room and you can eat afterward. You know, hey, that's not the biggest mistake he's ever going to make."

Ryan said he spoke to Sanchez about the incident on the flight home, and was pleased about the plan the quarterback cooked up.

"It is unfortunate that here we have a great game, run for 300-some yards -- breakout game -- 38-to-zip score, get a shutout and now the focus is on the hot dog," Ryan said. "I think Mark is doing the right thing with the plans that he has."