Fallon Native Dahl Gets Into It With Niners' Coach Singletary

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SAN FRANCISCO - Fallon native and former Nevada offensive lineman Harvey Dahl is known for getting inside the heads of opposing players; now, you can add Niners' head coach Mike Singletary to that list.

Multiple sources are reporting Singletary looked ready to fight the Falcons' guard when Dahl taunted the Niners' sideline in the third quarter of Atlanta's 45-10 win at Candlestick Park on Sunday.

The two engaged in a lengthy shouting match, but neither Singletary nor Dahl were penalized.

Dahl, who was cut by the Niners in 2005, clearly wanted to make sure San Francisco did not forget it.

Singletary was not impressed, but expressed some remorse after the game.

"I'll put it this way," Singletary told the San Jose Mercury News. "I wish I had more coaching etiquette, OK? I don't. I love my players."

"And when someone responds about my players in a particular way, you know, I may"... do some things that I shouldn't. I have to get better at those things as time goes on."