Tigers' Leyland: 'Shame On Us' For Not Winning

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DETROIT (AP) - Jim Leyland says the Detroit Tigers have no one to blame but themselves for losing a three-game lead in the AL Central with four scheduled games left.

That doesn't change how Detroit's manager felt Wednesday about a key moment in the 163rd game of the season.

Brandon Inge's jersey was grazed by a pitch with the bases
loaded in the 12th inning at Minnesota, but the umpire didn't put him on first to force home a go-ahead run.

The Twins went on to score in the home half of the inning to win
6-5 Tuesday, breaking a tie in the division to advance to the playoffs and start the Tigers' offseason.

Leyland says he is upset the umpire said video replays of the pitch that hit Inge were inconclusive because "everybody in America" saw that it did.