The Hall of Fame Wants Kouzmanoff's Glove

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SAN DIEGO (AP) - Kevin Kouzmanoff of the San Diego Padres is willing to accommodate the Hall of Fame, to a point.

A day after Kouzmanoff set a single-season record for NL third basemen with a .990 fielding percentage, the Hall of Fame asked if he'd donate a glove that he used at some point during the season.

"I have to pick the glove," Kouzmanoff said. "They aren't getting my gamer!"

There's a good reason for that - Kouzmanoff committed only three errors in 309 total chances.

Kouzmanoff broke the old mark of .987 by Colorado's Vinny Castilla in 2004.

Kouzmanoff was the WAC Player of the Year back in 2003, his only season at Nevada. He was also a second team All-American.