Jazz Win Preseason Game; Replacement Refs Make NBA Debut

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - C.J. Miles and Deron Williams scored 16 points apiece and the Utah Jazz beat the Denver Nuggets 103-87 on Thursday night in an uneventful debut for replacement referees in the NBA preseason.

The crew of Tre Maddox, Deldre Carr and C.J. Washington, part of a pool called on by the NBA because of a lockout with the regular referees, did as well as the league could have hoped by not standing out in the first exhibition game of the season. They called 69 fouls and only a handful drew a noticeable reaction.

Players mostly shook their heads and smiled after the whistle until the third quarter, when Utah coach Jerry Sloan had a mini-outburst after Paul Millsap was called for fouling Carmelo Anthony. Sloan leaped out of his seat, barked a few statements at Carr and sat right back down.