Mayweather Weighs In 4 lbs Heavier Than Marquez

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LAS VEGAS (AP) - Floyd Mayweather Jr. has weighed in at a surprising 146 pounds for his comeback fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

That's four pounds heavier than the smaller Marquez, and it's two pounds heavier than what was thought to be the catch weight limit for the fight.

Although Mayweather was cagey about the contracted limit, it was widely known to be 144 pounds, close to a midpoint between the natural weights of Mayweather and Marquez, who previously hadn't fought above 135 pounds.

The weigh-in discrepancy likely signals a negotiation by Mayweather, who apparently couldn't make 144 pounds. Marquez would have to agree to such a change, and could have received financial compensation for doing it.

The fight is Saturday night.