Billboard wishes best to Weis in "5th year of his college coaching internship"

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It's a pretty interesting statement.

And it's pretty hard to miss.

Right above the Linebacker Bar at State Road 23 and Edison Road is a billboard.

It reads, "Best wishes to Charlie Weis in his fifth year of his college coaching internship."

From our sister station WNDU in South Bend, IN

It is signed, "Linebacker Alumni", although management of the bar say they had nothing to do with it.

Weis is 10-15 in his last two seasons. The Irish open up 2009 on Saturday at the Stadium against Nevada.

The sign doesn't seem to be bothering Charlie either.

"Everything was great until the last word," Weis said with a playful laugh. "So tell them thanks a lot for wishing me best wishes."

I heard about it. I haven't seen it. We'll just leave it at that. But sounds pretty good. Just take that last word out and we're all set."

The Irish and Wolf Pack play at 12:30.