Manny Goes 0-3 in Return to Dodgers

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SAN DIEGO (AP) - Manny Ramirez returned to the big leagues as only he could.

The Los Angeles Dodgers' slugger apologized to fans and teammates during a news conference. But he refused to answer questions about steroids, laying off them as if they were pitches in the dirt.

With his dreads flowing from under his batting helmet, Ramirez walked in his first at-bat, then was forced at second. Padres right-hander Chad Gaudin brushed back Ramirez with the first pitch of the seven-pitch at-bat. He just smiled.

It was a loud at-bat, with Dodgers fans standing and cheering, and Padres fans trying to drown them out with boos. The sold-out crowd at Petco Park looked and sounded more like it belonged at Dodger Stadium.

Ramirez popped up to end the sixth, jogged to the dugout to get his glove and cap, then headed for the clubhouse, his night finished. He was 0 for 3 with a walk.

The Dodgers are leading the Padres 6-3 in the seventh inning.