Record-Setting Year At Reno Rodeo Sees Attendance Climb By 8 Percent

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The 90th Reno Rodeo turned out to be record-setting as more than 90 thousand people came out for the 10-day event.

Attendance went up by eight percent this year, an amazing spike that could not have come at a better time

"We're just so thankful that our community just came out and drove to support the Reno Rodeo and watch a great event," said Steve Schroder with the Reno Rodeo foundation.

Schroder and the rest of his peers were completely stunned to see such a major jump in this year's attendance.

"Going into this year we were concerned (and) not sure how the economy was going to affect our event. We were preparing for not a great year," said Schroder.

Lightening Williams has been working at the rodeo for more than 25 years. He says the poor state of the economy may have actually worked in the rodeo's favor with more people opting to stay home instead of traveling out of the state.

"It's the staycation thing," he said. "Maybe it's there's still fun here in Reno."

Schroder thinks a deep and competitive field of locals also played a major role. This year's lineup included 40 people from Nevada, one of the highest turnouts by silver state cowboys in years.

"It was wonderful for our crowd to see a local athlete with the word Nevada behind their name come out here and compete in front of this crowd," he said. "The crowd went wild."

And they came back. Again and again. Although the boxes are packed up and the horses are on their way home, this year's rodeo and the crowd that watched it will permanently be etched in the record books.

"Sell out crowds, record crowds, weather cleared up after Monday, just an awesome rodeo," said Williams.

The rodeo also made more than $70 thousand in carnival wristband sales - the most ever by far.

The foundation should have a better idea of just how much money it made over the ten days a little bit later on this week.