Triathlete Sentenced for Trying to Bribe Laboratory Worker

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WIENER NEUSTADT, Austria (AP) - An Austrian triathlete has been
sentenced to three months' probation for trying to bribe a laboratory worker to pass a doping test.

Lisa Huetthaler admitted offering $25,900 to an employee at Seibersdorf laboratory in May 2008 to ensure her "B" sample didn't return positive for EPO.

Huetthaler says Friday she will not appeal her conviction. However, state prosecutors could contest the sentence.

Huetthaler had accused former sports manager Stefan Matschinger of giving her the blood-booster EPO.

The 25-year-old Huetthaler was banned for 18 months by Austria's anti-doing agency last year. She later announced she wouldn't return to the sport when her ban expires in September.