Pack QBs Kaepernick, Magleby Taken In MLB Draft

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There are so many rounds in the Major League draft, that you don't even have to be a baseball player to get picked up. Case in point, on Thursday, the Chicago Cubs drafted Nevada quarterback Colin kaepernick in the forty-third round.

Kaepernick hasn't been near a baseball field since starring as a pitcher in high school, but he had several offers after graduating from Pitman High School, but ultimately decided to play football.

The junior-to-be said he is committed to play football and amused by his selection.

The following messages were posted on Twitter:

“It is obviously very flattering and I laughed when my brother told me the news. As everyone here knows, I am 100 percent committed to Nevada football and the future of this program.”

Incoming freshman quarterback Mason Magleby was also taken in the draft. The Baltimore Orioles selected Magleby the former pitcher in the forty-first round. He too is committed to play football for now.

Coach Chris Ault weighed in on seeing two of his players drafted by Major League teams.

"It speaks to the athleticism of the quarterbacks we have. Those baseball guys will be able to watch our guys play football on ESPN."