Phil Jackson The Baseball Coach?

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CALL HIM SKIPPER: Phil Jackson the baseball coach?

That's right. Jackson's first coaching job was as a baseball coach when he went to school at the University of North Dakota in the late 1960s.

Jackson liked the job, but found basketball to be more of a challenge.

"Jerry Reinsdorf always used to say, well, it's probably more difficult than coaching baseball because you've always got to make a move. Every single move is another chess situation for you," said Jackson, referring to the Chicago White Sox owner as well as his former boss with the Bulls.

No disrespect to Joe Torre of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the all other baseball managers out there.

"I definitely follow the major sports' championships, and I think that Joe's low key manner is something to what I have. He seems to be able to take everything in hand, also handle the players' personalities I think is a big part of that," Jackson said.