Qualls Ready To Return To Action

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Nevada alum Chad Qualls is available to pitch for the Arizona Diamondbacks after sitting out the past four games with tightness in his right forearm, according to MLB.com.

Qualls says the injury likely occurred during a busy stretch when he pitched five times in seven days from May 19-25.

"I think prior to that, I hadn't gotten out there much," Qualls said in the MLB.com report. "I think that partially it's my fault. I should have said I needed a day off, but they needed me and I wanted to be out there. I just have to be a little smarter and know when to take a day off and give my arm a break. It's killing me not to be out there on the mound throwing."

The 30-year-old is 12-for-14 in save opportunities and has never been on the disabled list in his career.