Favre Still Interested in Playing for Vikings

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Brett Favre may be joining the Vikings after all.

Favre reportedly sent the team x-rays of his injured shoulder on Friday so they can be examined by team doctors. ESPN is reporting that his comeback hinges on the diagnosis.

Favre apparently wants to play for Minnestoa, but only if he does not need "major" surgery. If he is cleared to play, then Favre will sign to play for the Vikings next season. If he does need some type of "major" surgery, then he will remain retired.

Favre injured himself towards the end of last season. He suffered a torn bicep muscle, which led to the shoulder problems.

Favre told the media yesterday that he was not coming back. That response came largely due to his shoulder injury; not the fact that he doesn't want to play anymore. Sources have confirmed to ESPN that, if healthy, he does want to play for the Vikings this season.