Former Pack Star Dickerson Salutes Earth Day

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CHICAGO -- Reds left fielder and resident environmentalist Chris Dickerson had planned a subtle way to mark Earth Day on Wednesday.

Dickerson had his glove manufacturer make him a special green and gray colored mitt. He's been using bats with green labels since the season started.

"I ordered it in Spring Training knowing that this day would come," Dickerson said of the glove. "It's here, and it's ready."

The tribute ended up being subtler than he hoped, since the lefty-hitting Dickerson was not in the starting lineup against Cubs left-hander Ted Lilly. Jerry Hairston Jr. started in left field instead.

The glove will only be on Dickerson's hand for one day. He is planning on putting it up for a charitable auction on his environmental Web site,

Dickerson and former Major League pitcher Jack Cassel launched the weplaygreen Web site over the past offseason. Dickerson's goal is to reduce professional sports' consumption of plastic water and juice bottles and encourage recycling.

Several Reds players have joined Dickerson in using eco-friendly aluminum water bottles that can be refilled.

"We're working with a new company in Colorado to get our own bottles with our logo," Dickerson said. "Something we can start providing high schools and universities."

The Web site also sells apparel made from recycled materials. Dickerson estimated that it has drawn almost one million visitors since the launch.

"It's funny that we get e-mails daily from the word of mouth," Dickerson said.