100-Year-Old Bowler Makes History In Reno

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A bowler from New Jersey made history in at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno on Saturday night.

100-year-old Emma Hendrickson became the oldest person to ever compete in the women's championships.

Hendrickson was born in 1909. Since then she has witnessed two World Wars; 18 different presidents; and the birth of 18 great grandchildren.

"I'm still here," joked Emma.

The years keep piling up and so do the miles on her century-old legs, but that hasn't prevented the woman affectionately known as the "warhorse" from maintaining her sense of humor.

When asked if there was anything else she wanted to add at the conclusion of her interview with KOLO-8 News Now, Emma replied, "You ask the questions. I'll answer them," before the room erupted with laughter.

At age 100, her wit is sharper than most people demonstrate in their prime. And it's that, along with a lifetime on the go that Emma's grand kids say keeps the record-setter going.

"I think her secret is that she's always been active," said Cindy Romaine, one of Emma's grandchildren. "Whether it's just walking or bowling. And as long as I can remember, she has always been bowling."

Although her eyesight has deteriorated over the years, Emma can still impress on the lanes. She bowls twice a week and averages a score of 120.

"I just love the game," said Emma. "As the saying goes: once a bowler, always a bowler."

And whether it is bowling or living a long and healthy life, Emma has made a career out of proving people wrong. But even those who know her best, never imagined that Emma and her ten-and-a-half pound bowling ball would go this far.

"I'm very surprised to be here," said Ruth-Ann Rahn, Emma's double's partner. "And I'm only hoping that she's enjoying it as much as I've been enjoying it."

Emma officially made history at ten o'clock on Saturday night, a pretty late hour for anyone, let alone a 100-year-old woman, but true to form, Emma wasn't complaining.