Chris Dickerson Recovering From Bizarre Injury

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CINCINNATI -- Former Wolf Pack standout Chris Dickerson is recovering from a bizarre and somewhat embarrassing injury.

The Reds' leftfielder banged his head into a revolving glass door at the team's downtown hotel as he was heading to the ballpark on Saturday, according to

Dickerson has a significant bump over his right eye as a result of the accident, but he's taking it in stride.

"My 'real' story is I hit my head on the rim during a celebrity slam dunk contest," Dickerson joked with the website. "They do need to do something about that door. It's a deathtrap waiting to happen. I can only imagine what happens with people less coordinated than me. I'm a little clumsy, but a pretty coordinated guy. I should be able to fly through that thing easy. I struggle with it every day."

Dickerson got the start for the Reds in left field on Sunday against the Pirates. He went 1-for-2 with two walks and is now hitting .333.

You can check out the full interview Dickerson did with at the following link: