Mark Fox Formally Announces He's Taking Georgia Head Coach Job

RENO, Nevada ( -- Mark Fox has made it official: he's leaving the Silver State for the Peach State.

Fox, who's been the head coach at the University of Nevada, Reno since 2004, was announced this morning as the new head coach for the University of Georgia.

Fox said: "I am honored and humbled to be here before you today at such an outstanding school - a great academic institution, outstanding athletic department. And I was really excited for my family and I to join you here in Athens and embark on a new adventure in my career. I want to begin, first, with an apology to the people in northern Nevada because I wasn't able to say goodbye. I did - I had a chance to meet with my team late last night and inform them of the news. But I'm leaving a wonderful place - a place where I loved being their coach - and certainly would like to thank all the people in northern Nevada for the support that their gave our program. When you leave a place that you love, it's very very hard. But when you find a place that looks so terrific, it's easier to go. And we found that here at Georgia."

He went on to say, "we are very excited to be here, ready to go to work, and really pleased to be joining the Georgia family."

Fox kept the job offer and all of his recent plane flights a secret.

"I have really in the last two days not slept much - because of my excitement. You know, I had time to sleep on a plane - you know I spent, I think, six hours there and five hours back last night. I had time to sleep, but just couldn't because I was too excited. Because I think we have a - just a very bright future with this program. I was able to meet with players this morning, and they're some terrific young men."