Details Released About Missing Boaters

(AP Photo/U.S. Coast Guard, HO)
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Records from the search for two missing NFL players and two friends paint a bleak picture of what happened after their boat overturned off Tampa, Fla.

According to documents obtained by The Associated Press, lone
survivor Nick Schuyler (SKY-ler) told the Coast Guard one man
"freaked out" and took off his life vest Feb. 28, the night the
boat capsized.

Later that night, another became unruly and threw punches. He
took off his life vest, dove down and never resurfaced. A third
thought he saw land and decided to swim.

The men's names were redacted in the report.

Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, free-agent NFL
defensive lineman Corey Smith and former University of South
Florida players Schuyler and William Bleakley were aboard the
21-foot boat.