Junior Olympic Ski Championships Finish Up In Truckee

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Hundreds of the country's best young cross-country skiers wrapped up the Junior Olympics with a ceremony in Truckee on Saturday.

Taking part in anything that exclusive is an honor all in itself, but going for the gold in front of a crowd right nearby where you live makes it all the more special.

"Most of the people I knew," said Andrew Cobourn from Minden. "But occasionally someone would be like 'Go Andrew,' and I'm like 'I don't know you,'" he said laughing.

But that's how it goes when you compete in a national competition near your hometown. While some athletes came from as far away as Alaska, 15-year-old Cobourn and 17-year-old Camille Stover from Reno enjoyed some home cooking at this year's ski championships in Soda Springs.

"It's really nice not having to travel or fly far away and to be able to have my friends and family watch since it's so close to home,"said Stover. "It's really been neat."

The combination of Stover from Reno High and Cobourn from Carson Valley Middle School propelled their Far West Nordic squad into sixth place; one of the best finishes in team history.

In addition to helping out the team, the duo also helped out each other.

"We deal with the same difficulty of not being with the team all the time," said Stover. "It's really cool to be able to have somebody from northern Nevada with you too."

And it makes doing what you love in a national competition even easier.

"It's amazing," said Cobourn. "Skiing is one of my favorite things to do and doing it with kids from all over the place is pretty awesome."

The Junior Olympic Ski Championships came to Soda Springs for the first time since 2005.

This was Cobourn's second time competing and Stover's first.

Both skiers hope to do it all over again next winter.