Fans Come From All Over To Root Their Teams On In The WAC Tournament

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Every fan who came out to see the WAC tournament came hoping to see their team land a spot in the Big Dance. And some of them came from considerably further away than others.

All week long we've seen a salad bowl of WAC fans filling up Lawlor and touring the Biggest Little City. On Friday night, thousands more poured into the arena hoping to see their team inch one step closer toward the NCAA Tournament.

During the season, they're bitter enemies and while there's still no love lost, fans sporting Aggie red; Utah State blue and Wolf Pack silver peacefully co-exist for the five days of the WAC tournament.

"I think it's a good thing," said Tony Osendorf from Reno. "I think we all want everyone to come out and support the tournament itself. Actually, I want Nevada to win the whole thing. I'm a little biased. So I want (the other fans) here, but I want them to lose," he added while laughing.

Fair enough though. After all, this is a win or go home tournament where a single shot can make your day; or ruin it.

Even the winning fans like Miles Jensen from Logan, Utah say while they appreciate the action on the court, it's the atmosphere off of it that also keeps them coming back.

"We went to Tahoe today," said Jensen. "And had a great day doing that with the scenery. And in prior years we've been to Carson City and it's just a great place to visit."

It's a tournament and a town that's in such high demand you even have some fans like Howard Doughty coming all the way from Ruston, Louisiana. A drive to Dallas; a flight to Oakland and then another drive to Reno was a walk in the park for Doughty. After all, he's a Bulldogs fan addicted to his team and the excitement of the WAC Tournament.

"I love the atmosphere," said Doughty. "All of the schools. You get to meet all of the fans. It's just a great place to be."

There has been some talk about possibly moving the Tournament to a neutral site like Las Vegas or even Salt Lake City. The fans we spoke with weren't to keen on that idea for the most part. It's pretty simple: WAC fans want to see the WAC tournament at a WAC school and considering this year's success it's hard to argue with them.