Kiffin Files Grievance Against Raiders

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Former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin will give a deposition next week in his grievance against the team.

Kiffin was fired in September for cause after what owner Al
Davis described as acts of insubordination and lying. Kiffin filed
a grievance and is seeking two months pay for the time he was
unemployed before being hired at the University of Tennessee.

The Raiders sent a letter to Tennessee in January, explaining
how they believe Kiffin breached his contract, violated NFL rules
and was insubordinate despite warnings from Davis.

Kiffin's attorney Alan Loewinsohn says his client is confident
the hearing will show he was fired without cause.

Kiffin is scheduled to give his deposition Monday, with Davis to
be questioned Tuesday.

Kiffin had a 5-15 record with the Raiders.