Downtown Baseball Stadium Remains On Schedule Despite Minor Setback

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The Reno Aces downtown baseball stadium continues to move along on schedule.

Despite missing a key feature all signs point to the ballpark hitting a home run in April.

When you're building a ballpark all the pieces matter and the Reno Aces hoped to add a big one to the downtown stadium on Sunday morning, but construction crews ran into a bit of a roadblock. Helicopters expected to fly in 18 thousand pound stadium lights from a nearby lot had a few mechanical problems, which forced crews to delay the big show for the time being.

"It's unfortunate," said Stuart Katzoff the Aces managing partner. "But that's why you build in a little extra for these kinds of things. It won't impact the project whatsoever."

The lights will have to wait a week or so, but the good news is everything else continues to fall into place. Dugouts are carved out - seats are installed - and the scoreboard is ready to light up with hits, runs and errors.

"You look at this," said Mayor Bob Cashell who was on hand for the attempted light installation. "And to build a stadium like this in 12 months is just unbelievable."

Looking at the field from the Berm Seating area, where tickets are just seven bucks, it all comes into perspective. Reno's field of dreams is just waiting for fans to fill the seats and a team to take the field.

"It's apple pie," said Cashell. "Everyone loves baseball and we're weeks away from finishing. So I think it's going to be great."

Construction crews hope to put in the lights sometime next week..

Despite the minor setback, the stadium will be completed in time for Opening Day on April 17th.

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