Tammy Thomas requests new trial

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Former elite cyclist Tammy Thomas has asked
for a new trial because of a newly disclosed report about the
government's top sports doping investigator.

Thomas was convicted last year of lying to a grand jury when she
denied using steroids.

On Friday, her lawyer Ethan Balogh told a judge the cyclist
deserved a new trial because prosecutors failed to turn over the
complete report, which cleared IRS agent Jeff Novitzky and several
other agents of being responsible for $600 in money missing from
the more than $60,000 seized in the September 2003 raid of the
apartment of Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds' personal trainer.

Balogh complained that he wasn't given the part of the report
discussing allegations that Novitzky planned to write a book about
doping in sports.

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