Qualls Left Off Team USA Final Roster

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Former Wolf Pack pitcher Chad Qualls was left off of the froster for Team USA.

Qualls was one of 21 pitchers named to the provisional roster. But he was one of seven pitchers trimmed from the final roster.

Qualls can now focus on the upcoming baseball season. He's set to be the Diamondbacks closer this year.

Team USA will compete in the World Baseball Classic this March in Japan.

Here's the Team USA Final Roster:

Broxton, Jonathan - Los Angeles Dodgers R/R 6'4" 290lbs
Fuentes, Brian - Los Angeles Angels L/L 6'4" 230lbs
Guthrie, Jeremy - Baltimore Orioles R/R 6'1" 195lbs
Howell, J.P. - Tampa Bay Rays L/L 6'0" 175lbs
Lilly, Ted - Chicago Cubs L/L 6'1" 190lbs
Lindstrom, Matt - Florida Marlins R/R 6'4" 210lbs
Nathan, Joe - Minnesota Twins R/R 6'4" 225lbs
Oswalt, Roy - Houston Astros R/R 6'0" 185lbs
Peavy, Jake - San Diego Padres R/R 6'1" 195lbs
Putz, J.J. - New York Mets R/R 6'5" 250lbs
Ryan, B.J. - Toronto Blue Jays L/L 6'6" 260lbs
Shields, Scot - Los Angeles Angels R/R 6'1" 180lbs
Thornton, Matt - Chicago White Sox L/L 6'5" 245lbs
Ziegler, Brad - Oakland Athletics R/R 6'4" 205lbs

Iannetta, Chris - Colorado Rockies R/R 6'0" 225lbs
McCann, Brian - Atlanta Braves L/R 6'3" 230lbs

DeRosa, Mark - Cleveland Indians R/R 6'1" 205lbs
Jeter, Derek - New York Yankees R/R 6'3" 195lbs
Jones, Chipper - Atlanta Braves S/R 6'4" 210lbs
Pedroia, Dustin - Boston Red Sox R/R 5'9" 180lbs
Rollins, Jimmy - Philadelphia Phillies S/R 5'8" 175lbs
Wright, David - New York Mets R/R 6'0" 208lbs
Youkilis, Kevin - Boston Red Sox R/R 6'1" 220lbs

Braun, Ryan - Milwaukee Brewers R/R 6'1" 200lbs
Granderson, Curtis - Detroit Tigers L/R 6'1" 185lbs
Hawpe, Brad - Colorado Rockies L/L 6'3" 205lbs
Sizemore, Grady - Cleveland Indians L/L 6'2" 200lbs