Burglars Ransack Zabriske's House

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Salt Lake City police say thieves who ransacked the home of David Zabriskie stole thousands of dollars in bikes and Olympic memorabilia from the world-class cyclist.

Police spokeswoman Robin Snyder says Zabriskie's mother
discovered the theft Monday.

Zabriskie has been away since Feb. 13 participating in the Tour
de California. Zabriskie finished second behind Levi Leipheimer in
the race.

A watch and ring from the Beijing Olympics and Zabriskie's
Olympic time trials bike were taken along with a set of Marvel
sideshow figures depicting characters from the movies "Hellboy,"
"Alien," "Ironman" and others.

Other items taken include both of Zabriskie's cars, race medals,
clothing, electronic equipment and computers.

Snyder says police will be watching pawn shops and e-Bay for
anyone trying to sell the goods.