Winter Dew Tour Ends at Northstar

AST Dew Tour
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Mason Aguirre won the snowboard superpipe competition Sunday in the Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championship, while Shaun White took his second Dew Cup season title.

The 21-year-old Aguirre, from Duluth, Minn., began his winning
run with a frontside 1080 melon grab into a Cab 1080 nose grab. He
continued with a frontside 900 with a melon grab, a backside flat
spin 540, an air to fakie and he finished with a switch alley-oop
backside rodeo 720. He scored 94.50.

Steve Fisher of Breckenridge, Colo., was second at 87.00, and
White, from Carlsbad, was third at 81.75.

"Just going into today I was just more focused on me," Aguirre
said. "A lot of times when guys are riding so well in the finals
it's hard not to focus some of your attention on their riding. But
today I just tried to have it all be about me and just have a good
time. I haven't won a contest since Australian Open so it was good
just taking the top spot today and having it be legitimate."

White won the slopestyle season title on Friday.

"I wanted this Cup pretty bad, so I knew I needed to just do
well today," White said.

In the women's field, Australian Torah Bright won the event, and
Kelly Clark, of West Dover, Vt., earned the season title.

Bright's winning run began with an air to fakie into a cab 720,
followed by a crippler. She is the only female snowboarder who does
a backside 360 into a switch backside 720, her final tricks of the
run. She earned 95.50.

"Surprisingly the weather is the only bad thing," Bright said
about the stormy conditions. "The pipe is actually in really good
shape. It was slow in practice but once they salted it and it got a
little colder, then it set."

Clark was second at 90.00, and Hannah Teter of Belmont, Vt., was
third at 83.50.

"For me the season has really been about the basics and the
fundamentals of my riding skills," Clark said. "So right now to
win this series is a bonus because I didn't set out with any goals
of winning any series titles this year, so this is just like icing
on the cake for me."

White and freeskier Tanner Hall tied for male athlete of the
year based on the highest overall points, and Clark and snowboard
Spencer O'Brien tied for female athlete of the year. Also awarded
at the event was the Toyota Go Big Award, which was given to
freeskier Bobby Brown and snowboarder Steve Fisher for consistently
displaying amplitude and progression in their sports throughout the

The four-day competition, which drew approximately 26,300 fans,
was the last of three stops on the tour that features men's and
women's freeskiing and snowboarding disciplines.