Prep Basketball Northern Championship Games

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Duke Williams hit a last-second shot in Hug's 49-47 upset over Reno on Saturday night. The Hawks are your northern champs. They're going to the state tournament. Reno's season is over.

The 4A sends only the Northern Champs to the State Tournament. The 3A-1A sends both teams that reach the Northern Title Game.

Prep Roundup:

4A Boys
Hug 49
Reno 47

4A Girls
Reed 55
Reno 60

3A Boys
Lowry 65
Spring Creek 53

3A Girls
Lowry 52
Spring Creek 56

2A Boys
ROP 51
Inlcine 53

2A Girls
Incline 35
Lovelock 54

1A Boys
Smith Valley 58 OT
Owyhee 55

1A Girls
Virginia City 58
Owyhee 35