Former NFL Punter Pleads Not Guilty to Tax Fraud

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A former pro football punter has pleaded not guilty to tax fraud.

Joseph Prokop, 48, of Upland, Calif., is one of the three men
charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States in a 21-count

He is alleged to have interfered with the Internal Revenue
Service, aided in preparing false income tax returns and engaged in
mail fraud. Co-defendents Alan Rodrigues, a former pit boss and
casino owner, and Weston Coolidge, have already pleaded not guilty
to the charges.

The men are associated with the National Audit Defense Network,
a Las Vegas-based tax advisory company that the government claims
caused $324 million in underpayment of income taxes.

Prokop was an NFL punter from 1985 until 1992 and played for six
National Football League teams. Prokop, Rodrigues and Coolidge each
face up to 150 years in federal prison if convicted of the charges
against them: