Patriots' Izzo to Testify He Used Performance-Enhancing Drugs

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New England Patriots special teams captain Larry Izzo has been listed as a potential witness in the perjury trial of home run king Barry Bonds.

Izzo is one of 39 potential witnesses federal prosecutors said
they may call during the monthlong trial scheduled to start March
2. Bonds has pleaded not guilty to lying to a federal grand jury
when he denied knowingly taking performance enhancing drugs.

Izzo is the only NFL player appearing on a government witness
list that includes Jason Giambi of the Oakland A's and six former
Major League Baseball players: Jeremy Giambi, Bobby Estallela,
Marvin Benard, Armando Rios, Benito Santiago and Randy Velarde.
Izzo is a 13-year veteran who has been named to the Pro Bowl three

In court papers filed Friday, federal prosecutors said Izzo will
testify that Bonds' personal trainer Greg Anderson provided him
with performance enhancing drugs and showed him how to use them.