Mexico Fans Urged to Cast Voodoo Hex on USA

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A Mexican newspaper began encouraging soccer fans to cast a voodoo hex on the United States ahead of Wednesday's
World Cup qualifier in Columbus, Ohio.

Readers of the Record could trade in coupons for voodoo-doll
likenesses of U.S. players at Blockbuster video stores in Mexico
City on Friday. Fans were instructed to use the doll to wish for a
Mexico goal.

"Hold a needle firmly between your thumb and index finger and
prick slowly the part of the doll where you want to affect the
opponent," the instructions say. The back of the doll's jersey
read, "Gringos."

Record calls the dolls Mexico's "secret weapon."

U.S.-based electronics retailer RadioShack dropped out as a
distribution partner last week after learning details of the
campaign. But Record managed to find U.S.-based Blockbuster as a
new co-sponsor.

Record spokesman Daniel Paz said the promotion was a
lighthearted attempt at helping Mexico, which hasn't beaten the
Americans on U.S. soil since 1999.

"In soccer, training and practice are what determine the
results. The best team will win," Paz said. "But without any
doubt this little doll can help the good vibes of the Mexican fans
to change the history of Mexico and turn things around."

In a Blockbuster to pick up one of the dolls, Mauricio Munoz
didn't believe it will have any benefit for Mexico.

"But," he said, "it's a good way to have fun."