Super Bowl Betting in Nevada Down... But Up

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Sports books in Nevada took in $81.5 million in
bets on Sunday's Super Bowl and won $6.68 million, state gambling
regulators said Tuesday.
The amount bet on the game was below $90 million for the first
time since 2004, when sports books took in $81.2 million in wagers.
But the 8.2 percent the state's 176 sports books won was an
improvement over last year when they lost a record $2.6 million on
the big game, according to numbers released by the state Gaming
Control Board.
Jay Kornegay, executive director of the race and sports book at
the Las Vegas Hilton, said he was surprised by the low betting
volume and had expected about $90 million in wagers.
"That's a huge drop," Kornegay said. "Going into the weekend
... we were a little concerned. By midmorning Sunday, we were
pleasantly surprised by the volume that we saw coming through the
The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals in Tampa,
Fla., but Arizona bettors who bet on the 6½- to 7-point spread won
when the game ended 27-23.
Kornegay said the sports books were able to control betting they
received on either side by manipulating the point spread a
half-point in either direction.
Last year, Nevada casinos took in $92 million when the New York
Giants upset the New England Patriots, 17-14, and handed the
state's sports books a loss on the Super Bowl for the first time
since 1995, when the San Francisco 49ers trounced the San Diego
Chargers 49-26.
The record amount bet in Nevada sports books on the Super Bowl
was $94.5 million in 2006 when the Steelers beat the Seattle
Seahawks, 21-10. Casinos won $8.8 million that year.