Fans Shell Out Big Bucks at Super Bowl XLIII

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Those that managed to score a ticket to Super Bowl 43 between the Cardinals and Steelers likely had to dig deep.

This is the first Super Bowl where the face value of a ticket hit
the $1000 mark.

But the financial bleeding continues once inside Raymond James
Stadium for the game.

Foot-long hot dogs with chips cost $10, a glass of champagne can
be had for $12 while a shrimp cocktail will set back the buyer $25.

For those with money to burn a special remembrance can be
theirs. A pair of footballs, one signed by the Steelers the other
by the Cardinals, in a glass case with Super Bowl and team logos
etched in the front had a price tag of $4500.

Nearly a half mile away from the stadium, parking places were
being hawked for $80.