Canseco vs. Bonaduce Ends in Draw

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Jose Canseco was primed for some more bashing.

Instead of grabbing his Louisville Slugger to send a baseball
into orbit, Canseco taped his wrists and put on some boxing gloves
to try and send former Partridge kid Danny Bonaduce into a daze.

The former Oakland A's slugger showed he has only warning track
power in the ring. He staggered Bonaduce with a couple of big blows
in Saturday night's three-round fight, but failed to deliver the
knockout punch and the celebrity boxing match ended in a deflating

"He hit me harder than I've ever been hit my entire life,"
Bonaduce said.

Bonaduce's nose was bloodied and the two hugged after the bout.
All that was missing in this D-list celebrity boxing bout was the
reality TV cameras.

"If there's a knockout, it'll probably be me," Bonaduce said
before the bout.

Bonaduce never looked in any serious trouble and Canseco seemed
hesitant to go after him with ferocious cuts.

Canseco took his second shot at celebrity boxing after he was
whupped by former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema in his debut
boxing match last July. Bonaduce, who played Danny Partridge on the
"The Partridge Family," is like Mike Tyson in his heyday in the
outlandish celebrity boxing circuit. He's beat Barry "Greg Brady"
Williams and Donny Osmond.

Maybe those two 1970s TV stars combined have biceps as big as
the hulking Canseco's. The 6-foot-4 Canseco weighed in at 260
pounds. Bonaduce is 5-6, 180 pounds.

"I truly don't know that I can damage him," Bonaduce said.
"He's just too big. I can just outpoint him."

He didn't much time to play rope-a-dope against Canseco. The
bout featuresd only three, 1-minute rounds. Canseco sparred early
Saturday, ran 10 miles and proclaimed himself in top shape to last
3 minutes, if needed.

And no, neither boxer was drug tested.

"Thank God, no," said promoter Damon Feldman, laughing.

Canseco fidgeted with his headgear in his dressing room about 90
minutes before the fight and listened to possible entrance music
off a friend's iPhone. He didn't even want to wear headgear -
though it surely would have come in handy when the baseball knocked
off his noggin and over the fence in his playing days.

The 44-year-old Canseco took the fight because he's strapped for
cash and claims to have squandered nearly $45 million in a career
where he hit 462 career home runs. Bonaduce had more of a bucket
list reason to slug it out with baseball's most notorious Bash

"I'll be 50 in August, so I am closer to death then to youth
and I haven't knocked out anybody this big yet," Bonaduce said.

Surely Reuben Kincaid would have advised him to book a different

Former WWE wrestler Sandman was the headliner on an undercard
stuffed with mostly local boxers. Vince Papale, the former
Philadelphia Eagle who inspired the movie "Invincible," was the
guest referee in the main event.

"Their biggest concern is that I'm not taking this seriously
and I am," Papale said.

It's all fun until someone gets hurt. Papale pointed to six
stitches under his lip from when he wrestled Victor the Bear in a
halftime match at a 76ers game as proof that anyone can get hurt in
an exhibition match.

"That was probably the most stupid thing I've done," he said.
"This is one of the most unique."