McGwire's Brother Says He Injected Mark With Steroids

A new book proposal, submitted by Mark McGwire's estranged brother claims the former slugger used steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs during his career.

The proposal, reported Wednesday has Jay McGwire alleging that Mark used Deca-Durabolin and that he introduced the slugger to performance-enhancing drugs in 1994.

Jay McGwire writes in his proposal that his brother "began to use, but in low dosages so he wouldn't lift his way out of baseball. Deca-Durabolin helped with his joint problems and recovery, while growth hormone helped his strength, making him leaner in the process. I became the first person to inject him, like most first-timers he couldn't plunge in the needle himself. Later a girlfriend injected him."

The McGwire brothers reportedly haven't spoken to each other for years.

The book, "The McGwire Family Secret: The Truth about Steroids, a Slugger and Ultimate Redemption," is reportedly being sent by Jay McGwire to several publishing houses in New York. said that it has been turned down by "many" publishers.

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