San Diego Sues the Chargers

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The city of San Diego expects to quickly settle a breach-of-contract suit it filed against the Chargers, which claims the team owes the city more than $170,000 for use of Qualcomm Stadium in 2004.

City attorney Jan Goldsmith, who was elected in November, said
the suit was filed just days before the four-year statute of
limitations expired. Goldsmith said the matter should have been
handled years ago.

"The Chargers sent over a lot of information a long time ago
and the city should have gone through it and talked about it,"
Goldsmith said Wednesday. "We should have talked about this years
ago. The fact that we didn't, it's not the end of the world. We'll
sit down, we'll deal with it. We haven't even served the complaint.
It will be resolved, no doubt about it."

According to the lawsuit, the team underpaid the city by
$125,795 in 2004 as a result of the Chargers claiming skybox rent
credits that were previously disallowed by the city for the 1996
through 2000 seasons. The city is also seeking more than $44,000 in
accrued interest.