Former Oakland A's Player in Court

Oakland Athletics
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Former Oakland Athletics first baseman Troy Neel pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges he left the country to avoid paying about $725,000 in child support.

Neel, 43, remains in federal custody in San Antonio. If
convicted, he faces up to two years in federal prison and a
$250,000 fine.

Neel played for Oakland from 1992-94 and also played pro
baseball in Japan and Korea before purchasing a 16-acre resort
island in the Republic of Vanuatu, where he had lived since 2000.
In 1998, he was ordered to pay $5,000 a month for his son and

A federal grand jury indicted Neel on a charge of foreign travel
to evade child support obligations. He was arrested in December at
Los Angeles International Airport as he exited a flight from
Sydney, Australia.