McGahee Recovering from Big Hit

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Baltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee was carted off the field Sunday after taking a hard hit to the helmet by Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark.

The Ravens said he had "significant neck pain" but movement in
his arms and legs.

McGahee caught a pass and took two steps before Clark stopped
him with a helmet-to-helmet hit. McGahee's neck snapped back and he
immediately dropped to the ground.

He lay motionless for several minutes before being lifted onto a
stretcher and taken away on a cart. McGahee clasped hands with
teammate Ed Reed before he was taken off the field.

The play occurred with 3:29 left in Pittsburgh's 23-14 victory.

"It was a heck of a hit, for one thing," Baltimore coach John
Harbaugh said. "Your first thought is obviously concern for
Willis. Once we got out there, and hearing the doctors talk and see
him move around, you felt like it was going to be OK. Both sides
obviously had concerns, but we were happy it was not immediately
serious at that point."

Dozens of players gathered around McGahee and Clark, both of
whom were floored on the play.

"We hope that Willis is OK," Steelers quarterback Ben
Roethlisberger said. "We're keeping him in our prayers. I know how
scary that is. I started getting a little emotional when I saw him
down there and the cart was coming out. That's the nature of this

McGahee scored both Baltimore touchdowns and finished with 60
yards rushing, most by anyone on either team.

The hit also left Clark groggy. He had a dazed look as he
wobbled off the field, his arms draped around a pair of Steelers