Kouzmanoff Resumes Throwing

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Padres third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff resumed throwing this week for the first time since he had shoulder surgery on Nov. 15.

Kouzmanoff told the San Diego Tribune, “I'm going to be ready. That's definitely been my goal. Opening Day is a long time from now. I don't see myself not being ready for Opening Day.”

He said of the injury, “Nothing was torn. Nothing was ripped in there. I didn't get anything in there stitched up. It was basically going in there and smoothing down the cuff and bursa sac. Nothing major was done.”

Padres general manager Kevin Towers has been concerend about Kouzmanoff's struggle to come back from surgery since injuring his shoulder.

According to the Tribune, the best-case scenario was for Kouzmanoff to resume throwing about 20 days ago.