Bighorns Win 6th Game in a Row

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With a crowd full of school kids celebrating “School House Jam,” the Bighorns had a lot to show. Antonio Meeking was the top scorer of the game for 28; he also added 12 rebounds for another double double game. The Bighorns’ bench outscored the D-Fenders’ bench 53-20 at the end of the game.

Damone Brown was the top scorer of the first quarter with 9 and Damone Brown and Donte Greene shot 75% from the field throughout the entire half.

D-Fenders’ forward Brandon Heath was the top scorer of the first half with 16, and Darren Cooper added 13 of his own. The top scoring for the D-Fenders couldn’t make up for the 13 turnovers, which allowed the Bighorns to take the lead into halftime.

With an 11 point lead into the 3rd quarter, the Bighorns’ lead expanded to as much as 16 points, yet the D-Fenders were able to close the gap into the 4th with a score of 88-83 Bighorns.

The D-Fenders’ forward Brandon Heath led the team with 25 points and center Gabriel Hughes pulled a double double. The Bighorns’ bench showed greater strength giving them the final win of the game during School House Jam, 120-114.