Former Wolf Pack Star Plays Green

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Former Wolf Pack baseball player Chris Dickerson has launched a new web site called The site is devoted to saving the environment through recycling and awareness.

Here is the text from their homepage. The web site was launched on January 5th, 2009.

" WePlayGreen was founded by Chris Dickerson from the Cincinnati Reds and Jack Cassel from the Houston Astros. The goal is to bring professional athletes together to inspire communities to build awareness of the growing environmental crisis. WePlayGreen intends to use professional athletes and how they incorporate green in their own lives to demonstrate various methods that sports fans can utilize to make a difference themselves. For this, we welcome any and all professional athletes with an interest in making their voice heard, looking for a way to get involved or who simply would like to offer their support. is one channel that we will use to spread awareness.

This is a call to action throughout all of professional sports to provide stadiums, locker rooms and playing fields with the proper recycling receptacles and outlets to help corral the amount of plastic that is used during the extent of the season. We need our players, front office and managerial personnel to help in this fight to clean up the environment. We will call upon team officials to cooperate with city officials as well as local recycling outlets to help provide the necessary equipment. In addition, our call to action extends to the millions of sports fans on how they can play green in their every day lives."