Tahoe's Anderson Wins on Winter Dew Tour

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Norway's Torstein Horgmo edged Olympic gold medalist Shaun White in the men's snowboard slopestyle final and Jamie Anderson won the women's event Saturday at Mount Snow in the second stop of the inaugural Winter Dew Tour.

The 21-year old Horgmo took the lead on his first run and the
field was unable to best his score of 92.67. His winning run
included technical tricks on the rails and the flat box and a cab
900 on the first jump, to a backside 900 on the second jump. He
finished with a switch backside 1260 on the final jump.

"This means a lot to me," Horgmo said. "Winning a contest is
fun. I still don't feel like I beat anybody here today. I'm only
trying to beat myself at the contest. I got my win now. I'm super
stoked. I don't think I really realize it yet."

White, of Carlsbad, Calif. was second at 92.33. followed by
Andreas Wiig of Norway at 88.00.

White remained the overall point leader in the race for the Dew
Cup based on this event and his win at the first stop of the tour
in Breckenridge, Colo.

"This was a full-on course," White said. "We had rails at the
top, a rail in the middle, big jumps at the bottom. It was really

In the women's field, Anderson, of South Lake Tahoe, Calif. made
good use of the course with a tail press to a nose press to a
pretzel out on the top rails. She landed a switch backside 360 on
the first jump to a cab 180 on the box jump. She finished with a
frontside 360 to a frontside 520 on the final two jumps to earn
85.67 points.

"I was just having a good day and my body felt good," Anderson
said. "I didn't really do so many frontside fives in practice, I
was kind of just doing backside 180's so I'm stoked on that part."

Canadian Spencer O'Brien was second at 81.50 and Chanelle
Sladics, of Newport Beach, Calif., was third at 80.67. O'Brien, who
won the previous Winter Dew Tour event, remains the overall point
leader heading into the season finale next month in California.

Later in the day, Simon Dumont, of Bethel, Maine, won the men's
freeski superpipe final after taking the lead in his first run and
increasing his lead in his second, to finish at 94.00.

His winning run included a cork 900 to a 900 on the right wall.
He continued with a cork 1260, an alley-oop 720 to finish with a
switch 1080. Dumont's win was redemption from his fifth-place
finish in Breckenridge, Colo.

"My self esteem was down a little bit," Dumont said.
"Breckenridge didn't go my way. Slopestyle didn't go my way. So, I
had one option and it was to come out here and hopefully lay
something down. I wasn't the only one. It was a huge night for
skiing. I'm psyched to be a part of it."

An event highlight came from Canadian Justin Dorey who executed
a technical double flip in his second-place run, which scored
91.75. Tanner Hall, of Kalispell, Mont., was third at 90.00. Dorey
and Hall are tied for first place in the season point standings.

The four-day competition is the second of three stops of the
Winter Dew Tour that features men's and women's freeskiing and
snowboarding disciplines. Sunday's action features the men's and
women's snowboard superpipe finals.