WNC Student Athletes Succeeding On The Field And In The Classroom

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CARSON CITY – Western Nevada College student athletes continue to succeed in the classroom. Both the Wildcats baseball and softball teams recorded cumulative team grade point averages of 3.0 (B) or better in fall classes.

The baseball team recorded a team GPA of 3.11, while the softball team recorded a team GPA of 3.10.

Coaches for both intercollegiate athletics teams said they were pleased with the results.

"After building character and good citizens, academic success is our team’s top priority,” Baseball Coach DJ Whittemore said. “The players understand they are here to take advantage of the opportunity to earn a degree and transfer to four-year universities and colleges.”

Whittemore cited the college’s supportive environment, including administration, counseling and a tutoring program as ingredients for success.

Interim Softball Coach Scott Rasner said he's pleased with the results, but looks forward to continued academic progress for his young team, which enters its first season of play this month.

"It was the first semester of college for nearly the entire team, and the players are still adjusting to just being college students as well as athletes," Rasner said.