PBA Legend Coming to Reno

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At an age when most pro athletes are long retired, 49-year-old Walter Ray Williams, Jr. is still one of the most dominant forces in his sport. Williams has won more titles (45) and earned more money (more than $4 million) than any player in the history of professional bowling. And an RV has played a key role in Williams' success on the PBA Tour, allowing him to travel with his family and bring 30 bowling balls to each tournament.

Now in his 23rd season, Williams, who recently won the Indiana Golden Anniversary Championship, will try to add to his PBA records when he competes in the National Bowling Stadium Championship January 7-11 in Reno, NV.

Not only is Williams the “King of the Kingpins,” he’s also a “King of the Road” who has traveled the PBA circuit in his state-of-the art motorhome for the past 18 years. He credits his RV with having a positive impact on both his game and his family life.

“I wouldn’t want to tour in any other way,” says Williams. “The RV lets me bring my wife, Paige, and baby daughter, Rebecca, along with me. If it weren’t for this, we would go weeks and months without spending quality time together. It’s great to be able to travel with them. Plus I can sleep in my own bed, watch TV and stretch out. It allows me to relax and de-stress.”

The motorhome also has plenty of storage space to accommodate the 30 bowling balls that Williams brings to each tournament. He will park his 36-foot motorhome at the site of the National Bowling Stadium, 300 N. Center Street, Reno, NV 89501.

In addition to being a superstar in bowling, Williams has the distinction of being a six-time world champion in horseshoes. Interestingly, he bowls with his right hand and pitches horseshoes with both. He’s known as “Dead-Eye” for his uncanny accuracy in both sports. A native of California, Williams has a B.S. degree in physics from Cal Poly Pomona.