Football A Learning Experience At Pyramid Lake

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You could describe it as a coach's nightmare: trying to field a football team at a school where the kids prefer basketball. It's been a work in progress at Pyramid Lake, but it is picking up steam as more kids hit the gridiron.

Many players joined the Lakers football team without knowing even the slightest thing about the game, including some of the most basic rules. But those players will tell you football won them over because it offers something basketball doesn't: lots and lots of hitting.

On Friday night, the Lakers took on Virginia City, a school that just brought back its football team last season. And while that may make it sound like a fair fight, you have to remember, even with an established team, Pyramid Lake's players are still learning the game.

"They're capable," says Lakers head coach Jon Blinn. "It's just that they're so far behind in their development in never having any football experience before. That's the challenge of trying to get from ground zero to where they need to be on the field even."

The Lakers had a few highlights in Friday night's game, but for the most part it was another learning experience as they continue to try and pick the game up.