Rodeo Night #6

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Jake Hayworth from St. Anthony, Idaho showed Reno Rodeo fans how he got his nickname here on Wednesday night.

The saddle bronc rider had the high marked score of the night with an 84 point ride on Western Rodeo’s Nitro. In saddle bronc riding, competitors earn points for moving their feet back and forth in rhythm with the horse’s bucking. Hayworth, who is known by his buddies as “Deadly Feet” had his toes turned out and kept his feet exactly where they needed to be throughout the ride.

He did the same thing here on Tuesday when he had an 85-point ride. He now leads the over-all standings with a total of 169 points on two. Hayworth qualified for his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) last year, but was unable to compete after he blew out his knee and had to have surgery late in the summer.

The former National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association champion is currently in 39th place in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Crusher World Standings. A win in Reno would improve his position immensely and give him an opportunity to compete in Las Vegas next December at the NFR.

“It’s the best Reno I’ve ever had,” he said of his success here. “I’ve been here 10 or 11 times and I think the best check I ever had was for $300.

Monty Lewis from Hereford, Texas, won the world championship in tie-down roping in 2005. He missed the NFR last year and doesn’t want to be in Texas next December. He placed in the first round of competition and already has won nearly $1,000. He roped his second calf here on Wednesday night and stopped the clock in 9.5 seconds.

Lewis is now in third place over-all with 18.9 seconds on two runs. He could win his second Reno Rodeo championship if he is really fast during the finals on Saturday night.

The following are unofficial results from the Reno Rodeo

Sixth performance

Bareback riding: 1, Jessy Davis, Payson, Utah, 83 points on Western Rodeo’s Snake Eyes. 2/3, Kaycee Feild, Elk Ridge, Utah and Zac Compton, Hermiston, Ore., 79. 4/5, Brian Bain, Culver, Ore., and Matt Lait, Stavely, Alberta, 77.

Steer wrestling: 1, John Franzen, Riverton, Wyo., 4.5 seconds. 2, B.J. Campbell, Benton City, Wash., 48. 3, Seth Brockman, Wheatland, Wyo., 5.3. 4, Russell Cardoza, Farmington, Calif., 6.2.

Team roping: 1, Lance and Clint Robinson, Spanish Fork, Utah, 6.1 seconds. 2/3, Jason Williams, Laverne, Ariz., and Kyon Sayer, Phoenix, Ariz.; and Colby Schneemann, Big Lake, Texas, and Tommy Zuniga, Centerville, Texas, 6.7. 4, Logan Olson, Flandreau, S.D., and Broc Cresta, Santa Rosa, Calif., 13.1.

Saddle bronc riding: 1, Jake Hayworth, St. Anthony, Idaho, 84 points on Western Rodeo’s Nitro. 2, Matt Hebbert, Hyannis, Neb., 81. 3/4, Tyler corrington, Hastings, Minn., and Jesse Bail, Camp Crook, S.D., 79.

Tie-down roping: 1,Monty Lewis, Hereford, Texas, 9.5 seconds. 2, Murray Pole, Erskine, Alberta, 10.9. 3, Marty Becker, Edmonton, Alberta, 11.1. 4, Alwin Bouchard, Scandia, Alberta, 13.8.

Barrel racing: 1, Tracee Young, Delta, Utah, 17.14 seconds. 2, Kendra Dickson, Aubrey, Texas, 17.37. 3, Rachael Myllymaki, Arlee, Mont., 17.42. 4, Brittany Hofstetter, Portales, N.M., 17.54.

Bull riding: (no rides)

The following are current leaders ---

Bareback riding --

First round: 1/2, Tyson Thompson, Merrill, Ore., on Rosser Rodeo’s Baxter Black and Kaycee Feild, Elk Ridge, Utah, on Big Bend Rodeo’s Release Me, 83 points. 3, Chris Harris, Itasca, Texas, 82. 4-7; Tim Shirley, Conifer, Colo.; Caleb Bennett, Morgan, Utah; Jared Smith, Ranger, Texas; and Josi Young, Kimberly, Idaho; 81.

Second round: 1. Smith, 89 points on Big Bend Rodeo’s Shady Lady. 2/3, Shirley, and Jessy Davis, Payson, Utah, 83. 4/5, Feild, and Zac Compton, Hermiston, Ore., 79.

On two: 1. Smith, 170. 2/3, Shirley, and Harris,164. 4/5, Steven Dent, Mullen, Neb., and Davis, 162.

Steer Wrestling --

Second round: 1. Jason Miller, Lance Creek, Wyo., 3.5 seconds. 2, Jule Hazen, Protection, Kan., 3.8. 3, Clay Cowan, Highmore, S.D., 4.0. 4, Luke Branquinho, 4.1.

On two: 1. Miller, 7.7. 2, Stockton Graves, Newkirk, Okla., 8.3. 3, Wade Sumpter, Fowler, Colo., 8.3. 4, Cash Myers, Athens, Texas, 9.0.

Team roping--

Second round: 1/2, Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, and Patrick Smith, Midland, Texas, and Turtle Powell, Alpine, Texas, and Travis Graves, Jay, Okla., 4.8. 3, Brian Winn, Annabelle, Utah and Brian Roundy, Richfield, Utah, 5.3. 4, Toby Trammell, Snyder, Texas, and Jody Pinkert, Lubbock, Texas, 5.4.

On two: 1, Matt Sherwood, Pima, Ariz., and Randon Adams, Logandale, Nev., 11.6. 2, Jake Cooper and Jim Ross Cooper, Monument, N.M., 11.8. 3, Ty Blasingame, Olney Springs, Colo., and Ryon Tittel, Pueblo, Colo., 11.9. 4, Nick Sartain, Pilot Point, Texas, and Rhen Richard, Roosevelt, Utah, 12.0.

Saddle bronc riding--

First round: 1, Anthony Bello, Oakley, Utah, 86 points on Rosser Rodeo’s Hill Top. 2, Justin Arnold, Santa Margarita, Calif., 85. 3/4, Cody DeMoss, Heflin, La., and Chad Ferley, Oelrichs, S.D., 81.

Second round: 1, Jeff Willert, Belvidere, S.D., 87 points on Big Bend Rodeo’s Spring Rose. 2, Bobby Griswold, Geary, Okla., 85. 3-5, Scott Keogh, Queensland, Australia; Ferley; and Jake Hayworth, St. Anthony, Idaho; 84.

On two: 1. Hayworth, 169. 2, Bello, 168. 3, Ferley, 165. 4/5, Keogh and Cody Taton, Newell, S.D.; 160.

Tie-down roping--

Second round: 1-3; Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colo.; Michael Otero, Foley, Ala.; and Tyson Durfey; Colbert, Wash; 8.1 seconds. 4, Cole Bailey, Okmulgee, Okla., 8.4.

On two: 1/2, Peek, and Curtis Cassidy, Donalda, Alberta, 18.5. 3, Monty Lewis, Hereford, Texas, 18.9. 4, Tim Pharr, Resaca, Ga., 19.1.

Barrel racing--

Second round: 1, Mary Burger, Pauls Valley, Okla., 16.98 seconds. 2, Andrea Clark, Brock, Texas, 17.03. 3, Tiffany Fox, Fox, Okla., 17.10. 4, Tammy Key-Fischer, Ledbetter, Texas, 17.19.

On two: 1. Burger, 34.02. 2, Key-Fischer, 34.54. 3, Clark, 34.64. 4. Brenda Mays, Terrebonne, Ore., 34.73.

Bull riding--

First round: 1-3; Sonny Murphy, Tremonton, Utah, on Flying U Rodeo’s Pretty Boy Floyd; Fred Boettcher, Rice Lake, Wis., on Flying Five Rodeo’s Fire Water; and Clayton Foltyn, El Campo, Texas, on Flying Five Rodeo’s 310, 90 points. 4/5, Wesley Silcox, Payson, Utah, and B.J. Schumacher, Hillsboro, Wis., 87.