2014 Super Bowl Betting Boom at Sports Books

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RENO, NV -- Super Bowl mania is in full force. In the next few days, Nevada sports books are expecting to see a record-breaking amount of action for the big game. Last year, fans bet $99,000,000 on the Super Bowl, but its expected to be even higher this year. The best part, you don't have to be an expert to participate.

It's the biggest day of the year for sports books in the state and it's not just wagers on who will win or lose, but little bets to keep you interested throughout the game. So, if you're a first-time better, don't overthink it!

"The big game is like everybody's Christmas here," Steve Mickelson, Atlantis Sports Book Manager said. "Bet something that you want to root for. don't bet something that you necessarily want to win or think is going to win. have some fun. That's what it's all about.

At the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, there are more than 300 Super Bowl specific bets on the line, making it hard for betting men, like Tony Miller to narrow down the options.

"I came in thinking i was just going to do one just on the game, but looking at this, I'll probably be doing 10 to 15," said Miller.

Even if you don't know which teams are playing this year, there are still plenty of bets to make the game interesting, like will the player who makes the first touch down be wearing a jersey with an odd or even number?

'It's pretty much everything you can think of and the idea behind it is wanting to get everyone's interest," said Mickelson. "It's a big game everyone wants to watch it."

Unfortunately at the books, you can't just bet on anything. Official sports wagers have to be able to be determined within the field of play.

"It would be interesting to be able to put in there the time of the national anthem, over, under two minutes and two seconds, but that is something we aren't able to do," he added.

Miller suggests to first-time betters, the best advice for those heading to the sports book is to avoid betting more than you can afford.

You can make bets all the way up until game time Sunday. The minimum for prop bets is $5.